Written by on February 10, 2017

Rejoice, O Virgin Mary,
For the Good News
Is being brought with joy
By heavenly grace
To all ends of the earth
Thirsting like dry soil.


The Word of God which
Was made flesh
In your virginal womb,
Like spring time winds
Sowing joy and peace
In human hearts.


From your Mother’s heart
An immense gift of love
Has blossomed in the Church.


Radio Maria
A humble instrument of service
In the vineyard of the Lord.


The World Family,
Which you have united
From every people and nation,
Consecrates itself to You
And proclaims You
Queen of Our Hearts.


Faith and love,
Hope and peace
Is the message
That your little ones
Will bring, humbly and faithfully,
To their brothers and sisters.


Embrace with Your mantle, O Virgin Mary
the suffering of the world.
May the poor and the sick,
The lonely and the afflicted,
And all sinners
Who search for the truth
Find refuge in You.


Hasten the time of grace
The time of the final Triumph
of Your Immaculate Heart.
Grant us the grace
To serve You with
The gift of our lives.
So that the radiant light
Of a humanity of love
May soon appear on earth.


O Queen of Radio Maria
Pray for us.


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