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June 15, 2016 serves another milestone for our new Management Coordinator when he was appointed to this post – he is Mr. Pedro M. Punsalan, Jr. or simply “Tito Jun” to everyone at Radio Maria.


Tito Jun has many admirable qualities both as a person and as a career man that endear him to RM staff and volunteers.  One of his most pleasing characteristics is his inherent good nature – a trait that explains too well his life’s subscription:  “As one matures, he develops a special relationship with GOD, unique only to himself”.


From a marginal student in his elementary days, he surprised his family and friends when he graduated salutatorian in his secondary years.  Took up a degree in BS in Commerce, major in accounting at the Far Eastern University but was not able to take the board exams which he regrets up to this day.  He was a topnotcher in his Thesis/Feasibility Defense when awarded his Master in Bus. Administration at the Wesleyan University Philippines.


Although officially he exudes an air of discipline traceable to his being a former branch manager of Philippine National Bank and an AVP and Area Manager of PR Savings Bank, he is a most kind-hearted soul!  He has always been calm and cool as a cucumber in dealing with people and possesses a good sense of humor!  We can truly say that there is no boring moment with him!  In his desire to bring about a semblance of good order in the office, he never fails to make use of the magic touch of understanding and empathy.  He is the type of person who is always willing to lend an ear to someone else’s concern.  One will surely find in him the personification of the Good Samaritan who has a warm and compassionate heart to anyone in need.


His religious and club affiliations include his being a cursillista during his younger years, a church choir member for nine years, was a Household Head of Couples for Christ, a past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, 12051 in Tarlac City, incumbent District Deputy of T43 of Knights of Columbus of Tarlac City, past member of the Rotary Clubs of San Fernando, Pampanga and Calumpit, Bulacan, the Spectrum Communications, Tarlac Chapter and various motorcycle groups of Tarlac.


In one of his socialization with an old time colleague, Ms. Diwa Capili (RM Treasurer) they came across Radio Maria activities. Mother Mary used Tita Diwa to invite Tito Jun in our mission of Bringing Christ into every home.  It is inspiring to note that after spending his productive years in the banking industry and devoting himself to his family where his three children are now professionals and stable, here is Tito Jun offering his service to the Lord and to Mother Mary.


He is in more ways than one super-qualified for his delicate position of Management Coordinator as he is cordial and friendly in his ways, imbued with a flair for dedication to responsibility and duty.


With such remarkable trait and qualifications, Tito June is indeed God’s gift to Radio Maria!


On behalf of RM staff, volunteers, friends and benefactors, Tito Jun, welcome to your new family…. The Radio Maria Family!


¬ Dang P. Sapuay

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