Easter Message

Written by on April 23, 2017

Easter Message


“You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of it.”

– Acts 3:15


Dearest Friends of Radio Maria,


Happy Easter!


This holy season has three gifts for us: life, witnessing, mission!


The Lenten Observance has led us to contemplate on the passion and death of the Lord. We have, once again, encountered how humble our God is in Jesus Christ, the Lord, by enduring the most gruesome and cruel form of sacrifice: physical, psychological and emotional humiliation possible. He need not do it. But he did it. For us to see graphically and concretely how much His love is. He did it to show how far His great love can go just to bring us to realize His fidelity. More than that even is how He willingly embraced the unimaginable death unworthy of Him: death on the cross. Yet all these He allowed to happen because of love –  a love that brings life. It is His love that saved us. It is Jesus’ obedient love that makes His passion and death meaningful. It is His faithful love that allows His death to be a door of life, and life eternal at that, for all of us who believe in Him.


The apostles and first disciples witnessed this miracle of His love theough the resurrection. The love that Jesus has in His heart cannot be contained even by death. Death can not overpower God’s love. So Jesus must live again. Jesus has to resurrect from the dead for His love is unstoppable, overflowing, always moving, constantly dynamic, cannot be killed. Death cannot endure the love of God and so it gave up to life. Hence, the tomb is empty. Jesus is risen from the dead. Death is no more. It is conquered. Hundreds of people are witnesses to the Risen Lord who appeared to them bringing love, forgiveness, peace and life. As the first Christians powerfully witnessed to this amd proclaimed this joyful truth to the world even if it menat their life, so do we, as we are challenged again to be a witness of the power of the Resurrection.


After His glorious resurrection, the Lord gathered His scattered disciples for fear of their lives, once again, as He appeared to them in miraculuous manners. He formed them anew as a community, not merely of the Jesus who preached and perfomed miracles, but of the Jesus who triumphantly glorified by God through His resurrection. In their being a community of the Risen Lord, they are all tasked to a mission, i.e., to “proclaim the good news to all the ends of the earth.” Therefore, what they have witnessed they need to share. The same thing is for us, what we have encountered in the Easter clebrations of the Church we need to proclaim in our ordinary lives, relationships, works, and encounters with other people. The resurrection of Jesus, which is the same resurrection that awaits us, bids us to a mission.


The Resurrection of the Lord borne out of the immensity of His love for us gives us life to the fullest, priveliged witnessing to the Gospel and joyful mission to proclaim the Good News. Radio Maria which is the radio station of the Easter People, the children of the resurrection, remains to be an effective instrument for all these gifts as it transmits through its programs the message of the fullness of life that we need to embrace, as it echoes the witnessing of the Church and to the Gospel through its many charitable causes, and as it fulfills the call of mission to let the Word of God heard in all corners of the world.


We turn to Mary, our Mother and Queen, who is the only constant believer of  the Resuurection from the very beginning of the passion of Jesus, and allow our faith to be inspired by hers, as the first disciples did when they gathered around her in waiting for the rising of Jesus from the dead and the descent of the Holy Spirit. Let us entrust to her protection, once again, our response to the gift of life, witnessing and mission. May her rejoicing immaculate heart for the resurrection of her Son be ours now and always.


Again, happy easter everyone!





Fr. Raymund S. Cruz

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