Dearest Friends of Radio Maria,

Greetings of peace!

How many of us have heard the words meditate and contemplate but have not known what they mean and how to do them? In the spirituality parlance these two words are a common place. When we deal with the Word of God these words are a must. But how do we begin to understand and so practice eventually these two important words in the world of spirituality and religion? It is through the constant and devout praying of the Holy Rosary.

It was at Fatima, a century ago, when Our Lady appeared to three young seers, Sts. Francisco and Jacinta, and Sr. Lucia, and there requested to pray the Holy Rosary daily. In fact, she even added the ejaculatory prayer every after a decade for the salvation of souls from hell. This tells us that the praying of the Holy Rosary concerns the opening of heaven for souls.

As a prayer the Holy Rosary involves two things. First, the repetition of Biblical greetings and words, which helps a person to calm and center one’s mind and heart as is demanded by meditation. Thus, the rosary is a meditative prayer and little does a person who does the prayer know that he/she is already meditating. Second, the recalling of the Biblical events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ which when one meditatively opens the door to contemplation. In contemplation the recalled scenarios become as palpable and as true to the person who recalls it so much so that the events become part of the persons body and intellectual memory as the person is subsumed into the entire story. With meditation and contemplation prevalent in the praying of the Holy Rosary the latter becomes a powerful form of prayer.

As such, Radio Maria joins the entire Church in inviting the faithful, the devotees of Our Lady, the children of the Blessed Virgin, to pray fervently the Holy Rosary in this month of October, which is actually the month reserved for that. Let our praying of the Rosary usher us to pray also for the intentions of other people especially the conversion of sinners and the salvation of many souls. In our intentions we include that of Pope Francis who enjoins us all to be a community of Christ’s disciples under the mantle of Our Lady.

Listen to and propagate Radio Maria whose programming contains pivotally the daily praying of the Holy Rosary which leads people to meditation and contemplation without them knowing it fully.

May God bless you all!


Fr. Raymund S. Cruz


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