August 26, 2016



“Behold, I make all things new.” – Rev. 21:5



Dearest Friends of Radio Maria,


Greetings in Jesus and Mary!


It has been years since our website has received updating. We were nailed to doing nothing about it because its model was quite old and complicated. Our lack of manpower to attend to our online needs for Radio Maria Philippines has slowed us until it totally paralysed our website presence.


But now, thanks be to God and the Blessed Virgin, we have a new website, a new model of it, a better one and more simple to manage. We hope that we can have an active presence on the web through it.


The words of the Lord in Revelation 21:5 resounds in this new gift to Radio Maria Philippines, “Behold, I make all things new.” It is with great fervor that we present the new website which hopefully will usher in a renewal in our commitment to make use all possible technological means we could have for the mission. There are a lot of digital citizens, people who are constantly online, and we want to reach out to them in order to let them hear of “the joy of the Gospel” and bring them to become part of the things to be made new by Jesus Christ.


Renewal is a gift of God. But it is a gift that requires our free response, our openness and voluntary embrace. God can never transform us without us allowing Him to. And this world is full of distractions that can make us believe it is impossible to change, it is impossible to be best and utterly impossible to be made holy. The problem is: because we have filled our minds with the confusing noise of the world that we do not now know what is really is in the power of God to change. Our minds were turned shortsighted that the horizon is conceived as an illusory ideal. Nothing is beyond it and no one can reach it. In effect, many are made to believe that things will regress to destruction and not progress to perfection. Yet, the Lord’s words, “I make all things new,” powerfully reveals the reality of real change in Him – a change for the better and eventually for the best; a transformation of the noise to the stillness of the mind; a conversion of a sinner to a saint.


So in the midst of the cacophony of voices in this pandemonium world, we need to provide the alternative. We need to present the importance of the harmony of our voices with Christ – a harmony that creates the melody of peace, justice, solidarity and love. A kind of harmony that opens the door of real change, of something fresh, of things totally new, especially in the lives of the People of God and of all the world.


Thus, Radio Maria will never waver in its commitment, with its volunteers and stakeholders, to shout out the voice of Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary, and invite peoples to gradually and completely resonate with it until we all shout the same voice manifesting the realization of God’s words: “Behold, I make all things new!”


May the Blessed Virgin help us all to imitate her virtue of total surrender to God’s will!


God bless!




Fr. Raymund S. Cruz


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