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The religious symbol that everyone looks forward to on Christmas season is the Christmas tree.  The design is almost universal – put up with varied decors that are colorful, shaped like flowers, bells, hearts, stars, trumpets, angels, balls, snowmen, Santa Claus, animals and many more – all glittering!


In Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Radio Maria put up a towering Christmas tree, very sturdy and tailored for any weather, rain or shine!  In fact this 2016 December was always rainy and the Christmas tree was left under a narra tree.  The next day it was still beautiful, standing tall, deserving a second look.  Everyone passing by picked a décor and helped in adorning the tree.  The truth is that its decoration was completed only on Christmas day!  Very unusual, indeed!


During the day the little children stayed longer and enjoyed decorating with the feeling that they had helped beautify the Christmas tree.  Then they held each other’s hands and they danced around it, a dance that goes with the song, “Gather around the Christmas tree . . .” What a great performance that

made their parents proud.  We all enjoyed watching.


Amazing!  Wonderful!  Thus was the magic of the Christmas tree that shared the joy to the children and that contaminated the parents and the whole family.  And to us all, this scenario leaves us a lesson for life – that we, as a family must painstakingly put up a CHRISTmas tree, holding tight each other’s hands, gather around it like the little children and surely we find the CHRIST(mas tree) in the middle, which means CHRIST must be the center of our life as a family.


Feeling very fulfilled and enjoying the atmosphere of the season, the parents offered their thanksgiving

To God, wrote out a prayer petition and handed a “Love Offering” envelop for Radio Maria.  Thank you

Radio Maria for touching  the hearts of people.  (Kneeng L. Cariaga)

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